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Welcome to Watermelon Films

We are a boutique video production company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We specialise in line production services for foreign documentary, television, film and still projects shooting in Sri Lanka.

  • Since 2009, we have continued to combine Sri Lanka´s natural beauty and cultural diversity with our international film production experience to make every shoot as enjoyable and successful as possible.

    Why Watermelon? it is the symbol of freshness, always brings cool and energized feelings to you. Here at Watermelon Films we are determined to make your next production in Sri Lanka more pleasing with fresh thoughts and great production value as well. We look forward to having you here in Sri Lanka.

  • We might not stop the rain...

    but we are able to accomplish all the following services to make your production a success beyond your expectations.

    Based on your filming requirements, we can conduct the research and pre-production arrangements covering subjects, people and locations suiting. Plus, in making your production a reality, we would bring up new interesting story ideas as well.

    We would handle the necessary documentations to obtain your journalist visa and any other essential government approved permissions, which would ensure the safety of the crew, equipments and the filming materials. We also can arrange the filming permits and locations clearances required from the respective government and private authorities.

    During location filming, we can provide the services such as translations, interpretations and interview transcribing from Sinhala, Tamil & Hindi language to English language.

    From the time the crew arrives, we provide all the logistical facilities such as transportation, accommodations and communication arrangements required for a productive international filming experience in Sri Lanka.

    Have a look at

    some of the trailers of the documentaries and TV programmes facilitated by us.

    • Videos Fairtrade Tea

      A documentary on fairtrade tea cultivation, hosted by Hannes Jaenicke for Telekult Films, Germany.

    • Videos Buffer Zone

      A documentary film by Gabriela Neuhaus and Angelo Scudeletti of Offroad Reports, Switzerland.

    • Videos Trains Like No Other

      A tv travel show around Sri Lanka with Philippe Gougler for Step By Step Productions, France.

    • Videos Globe Cooker

      A food & travel tv programme with Fred Chesneau for Gedeon Programmes, France.

    • Videos Ønskebarn

      Wish Child, a parenting TV documentary for Mastiff TV, Norway.

    We've been working with...

    a friendly and satisfied bunch of clients, who would certainly think about us in their future endeavours. Featured here are some of them.

    • fahlén film AB, Sweden Step by Step Productions

      ‎Fahlens Matäventyr‬ - 2015

    • TELEKULT, Germany Step by Step Productions

      Fairtrade Tea Cultivation - 2014

    • Monday Productions, Sweden Step by Step Productions

      Spårlöst - 2014

    • Step by Step Productions, France Step by Step Productions

      Trains Like No Other - 2014

    • To The Moon, Sweden To the moon

      Spårlöst - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

    • Offroad Reports, Switzerland Offroad Reports

      Buffer Zone - 2013, 2014

    • Gedeon Programmes, France Gedeon Programmes

      Globe Cooker - 2012

    • Mastiff TV, Norway Mastiff

      Ønskebarn - 2011

    • STV, Denmark stv denmark

      Spårlöst - Without a trace - 2011, 2012

    • Caldecott Productions, Singapore Media corp

      Faces of Asia - 2011, 2012

    • Hof Films, Netherlands Hoffilm

      Future Express - 2010

    • Gorgeous Enterprises, UK Gorgeous Enterprises

      Red Love Project - 2009

    Amal Meemanage A creative facilitator Amal Meemanage

    Qualified by a strong academic background with more than fifteen years of servicing experience in media advertising industry. Amal was attached to several multinational advertising agencies and has the experience of holding the role of associate media director position.

    He is an enthusiastic nature lover, enjoys creative writing, poetry, charcoals & line drawings and photography.

  • Buddhini Ekanayake A video storyteller Buddhini Ekanayake

    Buddhini was trained at The George Washington University, USA on documentary filmmaking and is having experience as a TV program producer for fifteen years. She is qualified by University of Delhi, India in Indian Classical Music and Postgraduate Diploma in Media & Journalism by University of Sri Jayawardhanapura, Sri Lanka.

    She enjoys photography, sewing, crafting and mixed media art.